Why ICG Careers?

Your organization and its context are changing – what we call “Transformation as Usual”. The situation calls for agile processes that deliver results for the organization and team members while preserving social licence. We understand this and have the processes and passion to assist at all levels.

Win the battle to attract, retain and engage talented people

Futureproof your organisation to succeed in the new world of transformation as usual, and the future of work

Keep ahead of the pack – build organizational resilience and identify opportunities you didn’t expect

Unbeatable Return on Investment

Reimagine your future


Organisational Benefits

  • An extension of organizational strategies
  • Powerful stakeholder messages
  • Attract, retain and engage talented people
  • Maintain a positive public and brand image – enhance sourcing prospects
  • Best value and ROI
  • Local teams and Global strength
  • Reduce the stress and workload on both Line and HR managers
  • Mitigate potential liability risks
  • Regular and transparent feedback – always kept in the loop
  • Our approach ensures your people receive the best possible support – personalized to their unique needs so they can genuinely reimagine the future.

Transformation Benefits

  • Creating Career Transition as Usual > Transformation as Usual > Catalyst for future individual and organization success
  • Engage and retain remaining people
  • Extension of organizational strategies
  • Builds resilience, acceptance of change and future of work focus
  • Builds self-determination
  • Creates opportunity identification
  • Measurable – listen and learn with MirrorWave
  • Transformation support:
  • Planning support
  • Manager training
  • Onsite post-notification meetings
  • Internal redeployment support.

Individual Benefits

  • “Supporting individuals to gain the quiet confidence, clarity, and purpose they need to take control of their career future.”
  • One career supporter
  • Cutting edge processes tailored to the individual
  • Delivered by business leadership professionals
  • We dig deeper to unlock individuals true value proposition
  • Partnership approach
  • Top 1% insights
  • Self-understanding
  • Self-confidence
  • Self-determination
  • Genuinely be able to reimagine the future.

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