Our Values and Drivers

We are driven by seeing the positive impact that meaningful career transition, outplacement and development has on individuals and organizations when individuals are enabled to take control of their career future.

We believe this will be a catalyst for individuals and organizations to succeed in the world of transformation as usual and the future of work. We want to increase accessibility to this support to create career transition as usual so that more individuals and organizations can reimagine your future and achieve things you didn’t expect.

 “Supporting individuals to gain the quiet confidence, clarity and purpose they need to take control of their career future “

We thrive on doing good things with good people. We are process driven yet believe it is more than a process. We have the flexibility to tailor each program to the individual and our programs are all based around personalization, our all about you approach. Our relationships and contact often extend beyond the program.

We use as our foundation the 3 tenets for taking control of your career future: Self understanding, self confidence and self determination.

We deliver through our 3 pillars: Expertise – business leadership professionals; Agility – meet individual and organizational needs and Lean – delivering the best value in the market. This enables our clients to offer the best possible support to more people, for longer for less.

We practice what we preach through continuous learning on the future of work and transformation as usual to keep ahead of the pack so that our clients and candidates always know they will be getting the best possible support.

We communicate effectively and transparently with our candidates and clients using our unique adaptation of the MirrorWave relationship following model.

We are partnership focused and strive to become an extension of organization strategy rather than ad hoc providers.

Our innovative partnership approach means every candidate has access to our 360° solutions offer including Career Profiling, Well Being, Financial Planning and Career Tracking support.

We have local teams and global strength. We systematically ensure that clients and candidates are receiving the best possible support at all times.

We operate in a style that shows warmth, cares for and supports individuals, is success focused and ensures all parties are always kept in the loop and never left on the side-line.

We build relationships to create an environment, which at times is uncomfortable, to enable us to dig deeper to really allow individuals to gain full understand their value proposition.

We are success focused on achieving the best possible outcome for candidates and clients and we provide measurable results.

We can’t wait to see the opportunities that arise for both individuals and organizations to identify and achieve outcomes they didn’t expect!

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