Introducing Career to Love

A new way to unlock value from your talent

There has never been a more important time to support leaders and executives to retain and grow talent.

Yet traditional models for career pathing and outplacement seem to be a blunt tool in a marketplace with so much disruption, new opportunities for working differently and individuals needs to be helped differently.

So we decided to do something about it.

Career to Love is a new, digital toolbox available to organisations to support executives in a new way. Whether you want to retain top staff, unlock new opportunities for middlemanagement, or inspire young people to think differently about their careers this programme can uniquely meet those needs.

And affordably.

Using Design-Thinking this programme guides individuals through a 3-step process to create their own narrative on their future, that is data-led and instils confidence to act.

The programme offers

Full online toolbox, cloud based, able to be white-labelled

18 masterclass style ‘episodes’ covering key activities proven to create value, including:

  • Needs mapping and hierarchy planner
  • Individual skills mapping into a 3 layers ‘skills stack’
  • Values & Personality tests
  • Career pathway planner
  • Ideation framework & decision making scorecard
  • Career ‘canvas’ to narrate story

A ‘safe space’ for employees to construct a personalised plan

Affordable access, starting at $900per employee, with licensing plans available

Workshops for executive teams to understand how to ‘utilise’ tools in an adaptive way

Ideally suited for


enabling regretted leavers to leave well, and with a plan

Career Transitioning

providing high value leavers to plan safely a pathway for themselves inside your organisation

Leadership Training

providing a proven process to managers to support their teams, avoiding the burden falling to HR

Created by Human Centred Design Expert & Career Strategist, Melissa Jenner

Trained at Stanford’s exclusive D-School, Melissa is regarded as an expert in not only using Design Thinking in business, but training executives and teams on how to use the power of design thinking to unlocking value for individuals. She created Career to Love after successfully coaching 1000’s of executives to unlock new career paths, with a desire to scale the methodology and have more impact.

My Mission is to make work, work better. After a 25 year career in global corporations – many of which never stopped to ask if I was happy – I have seen first hand the impact work can have on individuals self-esteem. When given a well designed process and the support from management however, more people can have careers they love right where they are – without the disruption of having to leave under duress”.

Want to learn more?

Set-up a 20mn no obligation consultation & introduction to this unique methodology that is starting to change the way organisations talk to – and listen to – their employees