Who is ICG?

Internal Consulting Group is a 21st Century advisory firm comprising 4000 professional members globally. We work with clients on their significant challenges and opportunities, using a patented agile resourcing process aligned to client needs and budgets.

After 8 years, we are one of the fastest growing disruptive consulting firms in the world with 4,000 consultants linked to 6 hubs operating in more than 20 countries, delivering global reach with local impact.

Our unique model is based on three pillars:

  1. We match EXPERTS that are Top Tier Consultants and proven Industry leaders
  2. Our model is AGILE, we quickly customise a bespoke solution for you
  3. Our model is lean so we deliver the best VALUE in the market

The result is that ICG gives CONTROL to both our clients and consultants.

ICG deploys senior, experienced professionals to work alongside client teams – no bench to clear, no fixed overhead to support.

ICG’s suite of products and methodologies accelerate client learning and results, building on the expertise of our professionals.

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