Our unique Partnerships enable ICG Careers to offer its clients and candidates an unbeatable advantage. Our integrated offer is open to all candidates and ensures ICG Careers programs are always ahead of the game in meeting the rapidly changing needs of the job market in a cost-effective manner. This includes a full range of Career Profiling, Interests, Values and Psychometric tools tailored to individual needs.


Our unique adaptation of MirrorWave uses a longitudinal approach to listen and learn to candidates as they go through their ICG Careers experience. By asking just 3 questions on a regular basis we are able to build up both individual and strategic perspectives to allow us to ensure our candidates are always getting the best possible support and we learn what to incorporate into our programmes to ensure we continually improve our offering to Clients and Candidates alike.


A cutting-edge organization leading the way in the measurement of individual well-being. Their Work Well Being Measurement tool is available to all ICG Careers Candidates and aims to improve individual wellness. It offers unique insights that are totally confidential to each individual but may make a real difference as they move through challenging times. This future-focussed opportunity is exclusive to ICG Careers. 

Internal Consulting Group

ICG is one of the fastest growing business consultancy’s in the world. This partnership provides access to over 4,000 consultants across 20 countries to ensure ICG Careers keeps at the cutting edge of the future of work, change and transformation programs and their impact on people and organizations. These learnings are continually assessed for their application to our programs. Learn more about ICG

Strategic Alliances

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