Our New Approach

We know that the battle to attract, retain, and engage talented people is increasing in both intensity and complexity.

The situation is complicated by a workplace that is in a state of constant flux, and the related demands on organizations and individuals. Loyalty, engagement and related productivity and effectiveness is increasingly difficult to win and retain. There is an increasing responsibility on companies to prepare for a “new world of work”, develop diverse work environments, and provide for self-directed career paths. Yet career transition and development continues to be largely treated as a one-off.

ICG Careers believes the solution is to support individuals to take control of their career future through continuous proactive rather than reactive or ad-hoc support.

Our Career Transition tenets underpin successful continuous career transformation: Self-Understanding, Self-Confidence, Self-Direction with open, transparent professional support designed for the future of work. We produce measurable results to show the significant individual and organisational benefits achieved by adopting this approach.

The outcome will be creating an organisation where career transition as usual is the new norm. A diverse resilient workforce in control of their career futures driving transformation as usual, the catalyst for individual and organizational success in the future of work. Attract, retain and engage talented people to achieve outcomes you didn’t expect – by individuals reimagining their future, organisations will be able to do the same.

ICG Careers solutions also impact positively on a broad spectrum of situations affecting individuals and organizations: change, transformation or restructuring programs; internal redeployment support – an increasingly effective change management initiative; impacts of mergers & acquisitions;  development of people for the future of work; leadership development; building a diverse workforce; retirement transition; keeping ahead of the pack to succeed in the future of work and transformation as usual; performance related issues; reaching career crossroads or organizational and role fit.

We operate in a style that shows warmth, cares for and supports individuals, is success focused and ensures all parties are always kept in the loop and never left on the side-line. We build relationships that allow us to create an environment which at times is uncomfortable, which enables us to dig deeper to really allow individuals to fully understand their value proposition.

Supporting individual and organizational success in the future of work – reimagine your future.

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